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OhioLodgingRentals.com, Hocking Cabins.com and OhioTravelEscapes.com are owned and operated by TruWebs, LLC. TruWebs is a small web development company building high quality and functional web sites that work for the client. We are providing a service to bring travelers and lodging business owners together in Ohio.

This document is a work in progress which allows TruWebs to make changes at any time deemed necessary by TruWebs.

AdShop.TruWebsDev.com is a privately owned website controlled by TruWebs, LLC. We are not affiliated with any other lodging lists or directory web sites. Although we do provide lodging business owners high end web development at an affordable price.  The sites we build are more than online brochures.  Our development strategies allow visitors to interact with the site and permit easy manageability by site owner.

OhioLodgingRentals.com, Hocking Cabins.com and OhioTravelEscapes.com is currently a FREE Ohio lodging directory and web link service. This site was developed to help travelers find affordable accommodations in Ohio. We also hope to help alleviate the high cost of web site promotion for our lodging and tourism clients by providing a high traffic web site that will allow those businesses listed high exposure on the Internet.

TruWebs, LLC reserves the right to list any lodging web site free. If you do not want to be listed on our pages, simply request removal. All information regarding your business will be removed. We do not associate ourselves in anyway to any individual, cabin, cottage, condo, bed and breakfast, country inn or lodging owner, or any other organization of any kind. All members of this web site are listed as equals.

We provide a service to the lodging community and tourists and travelers visiting and living in Ohio. Some of the services are free, while others including advertising at affordable costs to the business owner. All members have an equal opportunity to purchase any advertising listed within OhioLodgingRentals.com.

Our goal is to help direct more customers and traffic to your business. We do not make any claims or guarantees that you will benefit from ads sold at AdShop.TruWebsDev.com, but that is our intended goal. While we cannot guarantee gains by listing your business on this site, we have and will continue to strategically promote, consult, and guide lodging business owners to success. The web promotion services of TruWebs has provided 6000 - 55,000 plus visitors a month to some of our lodging business clients' sites.

TruWebs, LLC, reserves the right to make any modifications at any time to any listing including placing ads to other lodging businesses or web site on any page of the websites including full page ads.. We reserve the right to terminate or delete any member from our database of OhioLodgingRentals.com, Hocking Cabins.com and OhioTravelEscapes.com. If a number of visitors complain to us about certain individuals or companies. We will take the proper steps to resolve all situations in a professional manner.  Any actions deemed unethical by TruWebs can be cause for suspension, removal, or denial of service to advertiser without refund of paid advertising.

We will not be held responsible for any false or incorrect information listed on any of our members directory listings. It is up to each owner to provide truthful and fair content. Each company is responsible for their own claims and content. We cannot control or be held responsible for any adult content that might appear on any individual owners web site.

Once an ad campaign has been purchased, the buyer must assume responsibility for accurate information.  Buyer must assume that the ad they purchase will be live for the duration of the purchased time period which is usually up to 12 months. While we do our best to accommodate the needs for requests to update ads we cannot gaurantee that updates will be done in a timely fashion to meet deadlines.  Buyers should create ads content that is not dated or expires.  TruWebs takes pride in keeping sites up-to-date and acknowledging the requests for edits requested by buyer.  TruWebs will not be held responsible requested updates after the final ad has been approved, although we will do our best to complete requests.  While most updates are done free of charge, if a request is made to be completed by a certain deadline, TruWebs reserves the right to charge for time to make the update.

The primary service provided to our advertisers on OhioLodgingRentals.com, Hocking Cabins.com and OhioTravelEscapes.com is to drive web traffic to our paid advertisers with web ads and links to their websites.  Advertisers have the option to provide their own ad content or allow TruWebs to create content as a value added service.  In the event that advertiser chooses to have TruWebs create content it is understood that we will create content which we believe is accurate and meets our standards for quality web copy.  If advertiser is not satisfied with content provided by TruWebs they must provide content that meets TruWebs standards for ad content. Content will then be updated in a timely manner as found within reason of scheduled work by TruWebs.  Advertiser is held responsible for accuracy of all ad content.

Preventive measures have been taken to ensure that OhioLodgingRentals.com, Hocking Cabins.com and OhioTravelEscapes.com is kept professional and family friendly. We review all submissions prior to making any links live from this site. We reserve the right to refuse any submitted listings due to inappropriate subject matter.

If you have any questions, please call us at, 1-440-871-9828. We would be happy to answer any questions. Or email us.

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Payment must be received by TruWebs no later than 30 days after receipt of pay by mail orders to receive any discounts included with your order.  If payment is not received your order will be removed from our system and you will need to resubmit your order which will be subject to current pricing.

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